Make the city your playground
Stay curious and never stop exploring: Rediscover the city and your surroundings. Don't stand still and make it your playground. Find new angles to familiar landscapes through urban exploration and photography. See things you've become accustomed to from a new perspective and wake your inner adventurer with our Edgeland Collection!
Transform your
urban adventures.
When traversing the city from work to gym, from meeting friends to carrying your favourite camera equipment, it is important to transform and adapt to different situations fluidly. Our uniquely shaped Redro bag can easily be converted from a backpack to a shoulder bag, transforming your way.
For your practical needs in a more classic style, check out the Art M Backpack, which inherits signature design elements from our iconic Art bag and is functional in any sense. Coming in camouflage green, it not only matches any style but also any gender identity.
Transforming views, transforming cities - Meet Photographer Wanda Cano
Wanda is an aspiring photography student studying from esteemed fashion photographer Sophie Elgort. As a member of the ‘Through Our Lens’ foundation she's a vocal advocate for self-acceptance, aiming to transform preconceived views on diversity and inclusiveness through her lens and art, finding new angles to familiar narratives. We couldn't think of someone better to wear our transformative bags!
Get inspired by the Edgeland collection and re-discover your city now.
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