CREATE your own personalised Kipling Blank Canvas bag! SHARE and tell your friends to vote. WIN a FREE BLANK CANVAS BAG as personalised by you in the game. 3 winners with the most votes will be notified after the end of the campaign.
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Winner Announcement
Thank you to all our Kipling fans for your creative entries! We are pleased to announce the winners of our competition as below.
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Creativity knows no boundaries or restrictions. Ignite your everyday creativity with the Blank Canvas collection. The whole collection is designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind, mimicking a drawing canvas that leaves space and room for your imagination, to express yourself and create your very own, personalised bag. Check out our bags from the collection below.
If you’re not a van Gogh yet, make use of a set of stencil shapes and pens that come in a neat pouch with each Blank Canvas bag for free.
Choose from a variety of Kipling accessories – straps, keyrings, charms or our signature monkey in sleek new design, you name it!
*Available in selected stores.

See how singer Christine Fan
personalises her own Kipling bag

Express Yourself. Make It Personal. What will you create? Start personalising your own bag now!

See how singer Christine Fan
Personalise her own Kipling bag

Fan Fan's personalised
Blank Canvas Art M

Collaboration with renowned artists

Ian Sullivan
Artist Ian Sullivan is a painter who creates large scale murals. Inspired by street art and graffiti, he used his pen to express his life philosophy on our Blank Canvas bag. The pattern on his Art M bag could be understood as Chinese or Korean characters. But for Ian, painting is a worldwide language without boundaries, it is the way he lives light.
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Juliet Doherty
Juliet recently starred in dance movies and on Broadway. Due to her spending her childhood in New Mexico, she prefers bold colors to express herself. The colorful word PASSION she wrote on her Blank Canvas bag makes it eye-catching and touching.

She says: “As a dancer #LiveLight reminds me of the physicality of the sport and the light and energy needed to captivate an audience. As a human being, it means taking advantage of every moment we have, and never holding onto things that are heavy or weigh us down in life".
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Wanda Cano
Wanda is a photography student with famous photographer Sophie Elgort. Though she is not good at painting, she used the Blank Canvas bag to write key words and phrases on it that express her main concepts and thoughts, thereby helping to express herself and making her Art M bag different from others and unique on its own.
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Allison Simon
Allison currently studies illustration at a fashion school in New York and aspires to become a tattoo artist. Her unique point of view and strong sense of self helps her to express herself through both her art and style. Her style is influenced by punk rock from the 1960s. Hence, she wanted to deliver the spirit of freedom associated with the music. The pattern is inspired by tattoos, and the color combination is clean and light. This is her way to express Live.Light.
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Collaboration with renowned artists