Pack your dreams, let your imagination soar, and join the Kipling x Peanuts collaboration—because life's too short to be anything but fantastically fun! Let Snoopy's red dog house be your gateway to a world of endless laughter and limitless possibilities.
For Snoopy, the beloved canine hero of the Peanuts comic strip, life is never about striving to please others. Lying back on top of his beloved red doghouse, he lets his daydreams take over, his rich imagination conquering the worries and woes of daily life. Just breathe…. While others call him lazy, he knows better. He’s at peace, totally content and a master of his own world. We love that. In a world of bleeping technology and a million ways to fret, his super chilled attitude is the antidote and we are here for it.

Like Snoopy, we are always aiming for the zen moments in life when we can breathe deep and enjoy the moment. Our collaboration with Peanuts is all about that. With a lightweight feel, these bags are here to bring fun, practical style to every day, with the cartoon dog featuring on bags from mini styles to backpacks and larger totes. With a dose of childhood nostalgia and carefree fun, this one is for the dreamers.