A Frozen 2 Inspired Collection by Kipling
Kipling and Disney present a new capsule collection celebrating the release of Frozen II. Designed to tell the story of adventure, family, and self-expression, the special edition pieces bring the story to life while highlighting the spirit of the holiday season.
The story is lead by Elsa and Anna, as they travel throughout enchanted lands to discover the origin of Elsa's power. Through their journey, the sisters discover that although they share the same past, their individuality ignites their inner strength, empowering to go their own way. They each grow and find different paths in life, but come together in the end when they realize they are stronger together.
A timeless tale meets timeless style!
Kipling is excited to present our epic and newest Disney collection.
Frozen Reign. Join Elsa and Anna on their epic journey to save Arendelle in Frozen 2. A wind of enchantment pays homage to the sisters' adventure; inspiring our new special edition Disney collection.